Recent promotions

Captain Joseph T. Bloom, Squad 40 to Fire Battalion Chief – Suppression BC-3(f)
*Captain John V. Neuberger, Engine 27 to Fire Battalion Chief – Suppression BC-2-(f)*
Lieutenant Brian T. Spina, Truck 1 to Captain, ALS – Suppression, Squad 40 (Temp)
*Lieutenant Cody T. Gabriele, Engine 20 to Captain – Haz-Mat Coordinator*
EMT/FF David W. Hahn, Truck 29 to Lieutenant – Suppression, Truck 1 (Temp)
EMT/FF Timothy J Ferguson, Engine 33 to Lieutenant – Fire Academy
*EMT/FF Louis A. Lago, Engine 8 to Lieutenant – Suppression, Engine 20 (Temp)*

Effective for Payroll Purposes: 0700 hours September 30, 2020
*Effective for Payroll Purposes: 0700 hours October 14, 2020

Recent Promotions

Congratulations and Welcome!

FFPM Derrick L. Manning to Lieutenant, ALS-Suppression
Fire Disp. Supv. QA Kimberly Donahue to Fire Dispatch Administrator
Fire Dispatcher Brenda Renshaw to Fire Dispatch Supervisor QA

Effective for Payroll Purposes: 0700 hours September 2, 2020


The regular scheduled membership meeting for September will be held on September 1st at 1900 and on September 2nd at 0830.


Both sessions will be held under the pavilion at




There will be an abbreviated agenda:





There will not be any food or beverages provided

Face coverings and social distancing are required!!

If you are planning on attending and have specific question you’d like addressed,

Please email them in advance to

President Horchar –

Treasurer Goldman –

1st VP Jones –

2nd VP Skinner –

Recording Secretary Hudson –

Positions on the ballot this year will be:


2nd Vice President

1 – Trustee

All Shop Stewards

August 2020 Retirements

Lieutenant Suppression Robert W. Atkinson, Truck 6

Effective 2400 hours on August 25, 2020

Fire Dispatch Administrator Mark P. Platek, FCB

Effective 2400 hours on August 30, 2020

Congratulations and enjoy your retirements!

Baltimore City Fire Department Blood Drive #66

The Baltimore City Fire Department in conjunction with the American Red Cross, Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Region will participate in another Blood Drive. Blood Drive #66 will be held at the Baltimore City Fire Academy on Friday August 28, 2020 from 1000 hours to 1530 hours. All who donate will receive a complementary pit beef, ham, or turkey sandwich from our friends at Chaps Pit Beef.

Members desiring to donate blood are to contact Captain Philip R. Gentile Jr. via email, or at the Office of Truck #3 (410-396-9205) or Ms. Karen Koehne at the Fire Academy (410-396-9984) to schedule an appointment time. Please make your appointments as soon as possible.

Members are reminded that a person can donate blood every 56 days

Recent Retirement

Lieutenant Suppression Scott J. Folderauer, Squad 54
Effective 2400 hours, July 30, 2020

Congratulations Brother!

Recent transfers and assignments

Battalion Chief John Gregory, BC1 (f) to BC 4
Captain Michael Hogan, Engine 6 (f) to Truck 8
Lieutenant Devonte Weaver, Engine 56 to Truck 12 
Lieutenant Joshua Grice, Truck 30 (f) to  Engine 8  
Lieutenant David Cosenza, Engine 47 to Squad 54 
Captain Robert Hamlin, Truck 8 (temp) to Engine 6 (f)
Lieutenant Cephus Smith Truck 12 (temp) to Engine 56 
Lieutenant Phillip Manning Engine 8 (temp) to Truck 30 (f)  

Congratulations to our recently promoted!

Captain Aaron M. Wodka, to Fire Battalion Chief ALS-Suppression
Lieutenant Robert Hamlin, to Captain-Suppression
FF/PM Cephus Smith III, to Lieutenant, ALS-Suppression
FOA Domonique L. Pryor, SCO to Senior Fire Operations Aide-ALS

New Promotions

Congratulations to our newly promoted! Welcome to our 2 newest Lieutenants.

Promotion: Lieutenant Mark J. Goldstein, Engine 42 to Captain -Suppression, Engine 23

EMT/FF Arthur Washington Jr., Engine 30 to Lieutenant, ALS -Suppression, Engine 42

EMT/FF Nathan A. Sampson, Engine 20 to Lieutenant – Suppression, Truck 12*

Effective for Payroll Purposes: 0700 hours April 29, 2020 Reporting time: 0700 hours May 13, 2020 or as directed

* Effective for Payroll Purposes: 0700 hours May 13, 2020 *Reporting time: 0700 hours May 13, 2020 or as directed