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    Greg Dahlem

    It seems to me that the new Forum is not understood or not being used. This is based upon the number of items and the responses to those which have been posted. I understand the need to update, but in my opinion it has failed.

    Robert Merritt

    I do too Greg. The old forum was much better. Simply my opinion.

    Mike Gavin

    change is not always good.


    The new forum is not my favorite. The only good feature is you need to sign on , that offers security. Just my 2 cents !

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    Mike Brown

    What is it that you guys are having trouble with?

    Greg Dahlem

    Mike, I am not having a problem now, but it is not the easiest to navigate. It took some time to learn it. That being said, there is very little ‘traffic’ (entries) on the site compared to the old site.

    Mike Brown

    We are going to try to clean up and organize some of the overall content to make it easier to navigate in the future.


    I liked the old format too. I’ll give it some more time to see if it improves. Hello to all my brothers and sisters. Hope you had a great Summer.


    We have over 350 people signed up as participants. As Mike stated, we are looking at rearranging some items to make it easier to navigate.
    The old forum is not coming back, the operating program is obsolete. This was not a “choice”, we had to move or lose the opportunity to communicate with the members, families and supporters. As far as “new threads” each of you has the opportunity to start a new thread with a new topic to help boost the readership, as long as it stays within the established guidelines… POST AWAY!!

    Try this:
    Has anyone heard from….
    I’m coming to Md to visit , anyone want to meet up…
    The restaurant on my street offers a discount for…
    What apparatus is Engine ** using these days..

    I miss a lot of things that have changed against my wishes through the years, BUT, I don’t miss the nasty anonymous posts from the previous site…

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    John Mascari

    Thanks Mike & Thomas for trying to keep this forum going. Changes are not easy to handle for us FOGS but keeping the communication alive by you both is very much appreciated. If any changes are made please keep us informed.

    John M

    John Cole

    Greg, I think the scarcity of posts has less to do with the format of the new Forum and more to do with the fact that people, especially active members, are leery of posting comments which could in any way be considered controversial. The politically correct snowflakes who worship at Our Lady of the Perpetually Aggrieved are constantly in search of someone they can crucify for offending their delicate sensibilities. Even the old format Forum wasn’t what it once was when guys weren’t afraid to use their real names and voice their real opinions.

    It’s ironic that we live in an age where we can communicate in nano-seconds, but people are often reluctant to communicate because Big Brother may be watching. George Orwell was only off by about twenty or thirty years.

    Greg Dahlem


    I concur with your thoughts. It is not the department that we served. Its good to see that you read and reply. Long live the Col!


    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The underlying problem is the need to REGULARLY the monitor the previous version and there seems not to be an interest in doing that. I logged on for the first time since I navigated the log-in process to see when the September meetings would be held (I’m not yet familiar with the current schedule) and it’s not there. The Forum did have problems but they were typically dealt with fairly quickly and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from retired members in particularly what a GREAT resource it once was.



    I agree with you Steve, this should look like an updated version of what worked well. the posts are in reverse order, new posts should be at the top instead of having to navigate to the bottom of the page to get to the latest info. The redesign doesn’t need all of the sidebar clutter and the posts should be the dominant feature of the page. It needs a good cleaning.

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