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    David Franz

    Court case Trial Summary, From our lawyers
    Franz David, Recording Secretary, The Baltimore City Retired Fire Officers & Fire Fighters Association
    Monday, October 29, 2018

    In the morning, following resolution of a few housekeeping matters, the Court heard opening statements. Charlie Monk presented the Plaintiffs’ opening statement, and Jean Lewis presented the Defendant’s opening statement. Following opening statements, Fire Captain Thomas S. Lake testified. In the afternoon, Mr. Christopher Houser testified, followed by Sergeant Robert F. Cherry, Jr. Plaintiffs also presented the City’s former Finance Director Edward Gallagher and former Plan Actuary Douglas Rowe by prior deposition testimony.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    In the morning, Fire Captain Stephen Fugate, Mr. Charles Williams, and Mr. Robert Sledgeski testified. In the afternoon, Plaintiffs presented the direct examination of one of their actuary experts, Colin England. Mr. England’s cross-examination and re-direct will continue on Wednesday morning. Following Mr. England’s testimony, Mr. Thomas Lowman, Plaintiffs’ other actuary expert, will testify. Plaintiffs also intend to present several City witnesses through their prior deposition testimony.

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