Retiree Benefits FAQs

Active Member Status to Retired Status

Retiree Benefits FAQs

1. When should an Active member notify Employee Benefits that they will be retiring? Active employees are not required to notify Employee Benefits that they are retiring. They notify their Agency. The Agency sends a cut-off to payroll. Employee Benefits is notified that an employee has retired by way of an electronic feed from payroll.

2. Does a member report to Employee Benefits on the day they retire? No, they should wait until they get a new retiree enrollment packet in the mail at their home address. The packet is automatically generated when the payroll system passes their information to ADP.

3. Can they go to Employee Benefits to complete the paperwork after they retire? Once their Agency terminates their active employment, the employee can sign up for retiree benefits. The staff at the Employee Benefits Division is available to assist them.

4. How do they do it by computer at home? The new retiree packet will have the BOSS website address and information about how to log on. New retirees can also enroll in Benefits using the IVR (which is a telephone enrollment process)

5. What if the member doesn’t own or have access to a computer? They can go to the Benefits office. There are computers for the employee to use.

6. Does a member lose coverage while transferring from active to retired status? No, but the first payment as a retiree may hit the pension check late and be a double deduction.

7. Can an Active member access the portal screen in advance of their retirement? No, the screens are personalized. If you log in and you are a retiree, you will see retiree screens. If you log in as an active employee, you will only see active screens.

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