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    R Colt Carter

    I am just reaching out to you guys who still have contacts in the Balto area. My daughter graduated from college last year and has been working close to me at Assateague Island with the pony’s. Her degree is in animal nutrition. Last week she was offered a position with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, starting in med October working with the penguins and hoofed animals. Unfortunately, we just don’t have any family left in Baltimore and so, I am reaching out here to ask if anyone knows of someone renting a small apt or in-law suite in the area for her, or of someone looking for a roommate. This is pretty much an entry level position, so she is starting out on the low end of the scale as we all did. Fortunately for most of us starting out in the BCFD we were able to live at home for awhile until we made that Full Performance level. Any help would be much appreciated. As always, the best to you guys. Colt

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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