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    Where can I go to find out how to navigate the new website. I cannot find anything I’m looking for. The old one was so easy. TY


    Greg Dahlem


    I just sent an email to Tom N about this and he suggested I contact Mike B. I don’t believe that the site is being used like the old one. I can’t figure out how to post etc. It might be FOG, lack of interest, or its summer and everyone has other plans. Greg Dahlem


    John Mascari

    Hi Donald & Greg,
    Hope you are both doing well. I think that as with anything new it takes time to adjust. It seems that the sign up process was the hardest for me as the confirmation was going to my junk mail. After I realized that it was a matter of just making sure that I was SIGNED IN so that I could post or answer to a post. I think that if you just click on different searches such as the subjects on the left hand side ( general discussion,pension lawsuit, photo gallery etc. ) you will get more comfortable using the site after a while. I think that us FOGs need this site more than the people that are still on the job as they have a chance to talk to each other more often. just keep playing with it and i am sure that it will soon workout the same as all of this new technology . Maybe at some of the meetings Union or retirees someone could help out some of the guys get set up using the site. I for one keep in touch with many of my old coworkers and would like to keep up with what is going on in the BCFD and this is a great way to do it. Take care and stay healthy.

    John M



    Carl Sturm
    being an fog this is very strange to me but I agree with John it will take a while for us FOG to adjust. Iam sticking in so I be around even if I get into the wrong reply. have not found spell check so be it. Chief Shamberger is not around any more.

    Carl M


    John Mascari

    Good to see you posting on this site Carl. Hope all is well with you and your family. Each time I stop in the Englewood, Florida Elks I see your picture on the wall but but you must leave early to get your beauty rest. That’s not a problem for me so I just stay out late and waste away. Up in OC now but will return when it gets cold. I remember the old timers telling me how time flies and I am finding that out first hand now so enjoy life when you can.

    John M



    I’m happy that you are going to stick it out. I believe that with time it will be better than the old version. I promise that no post will be returned with red marks for corrections!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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