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January 4, 2019 The Pension court case:
Others may report in a much better fashion that I can but here are my observations.
The Union’s lawyers went first in presenting their summations. They did a super job of condensing down a week of testimony and thousands of papers of documents. And they did in in a most respectful way to the city. The judge listen and made no commit. It took about 70 minutes.

I could not stay for the City’s full summation due to a prior commitment, I had to leave after about an hour. But others have told me they took about 2 hours. In that short time I noticed 2 things.
1. The judge interrupted the City’s lawyers numerous times with questions on their presentation.
2. The City’s lawyers said that we, the plaintiffs, were “greedy” and “hypocritical”
In my opinion neither of these things sit well with judge.
There is no date for the judge to give her opinion.