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We have over 350 people signed up as participants. As Mike stated, we are looking at rearranging some items to make it easier to navigate.
The old forum is not coming back, the operating program is obsolete. This was not a “choice”, we had to move or lose the opportunity to communicate with the members, families and supporters. As far as “new threads” each of you has the opportunity to start a new thread with a new topic to help boost the readership, as long as it stays within the established guidelines… POST AWAY!!

Try this:
Has anyone heard from….
I’m coming to Md to visit , anyone want to meet up…
The restaurant on my street offers a discount for…
What apparatus is Engine ** using these days..

I miss a lot of things that have changed against my wishes through the years, BUT, I don’t miss the nasty anonymous posts from the previous site…

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