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Website Registration Instructions

IAFF Local 964 Members and Retirees,
Please follow these instructions for registering your online accounts with our new website.

In order to post comments on our blogs and forums posts on our new website, you will need to have a registered account. You will need to have a good email account to register.

Since the rules for our website include no anonymous posts please use your first and last name in your username. (Ex: John Smith’s username should be JohnSmith)

Once you select your username, the website will send you an email with a link to login to the new website. When you click on the link in your email, you will be able to login to the new website and select a password.

Once you register your new account, and login to the website, you will be able to edit your profile by clicking on your username on the top right of the web browser window. Please fill in your first and last name into the appropriate spaces in your profile, and then select “Display name publicly as” your First Name and your Last Name with a space between.

Any website comments or forums posts without this correct use of your real name will be deleted, and non-compliant accounts will be blocked. Thank you.